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I am pleased to open a mental health practice in the city of Philadelphia with the primary focus of trauma informed care. Trauma informed care can be defined as the emphasis on a secure, collaborative, trustworthy and safe environment. The power of the individual and increased autonomy continue to be priorities throughout treatment. Whether you have a traumatic experience or not, all sessions will be treated with similar goals and values. Please see below for my treatment specialties. 

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If you are interested in weekly or biweekly individual sessions with a licensed professional therapist, please contact me to schedule an intake appointment today! Please look below for my specialties used in individual sessions.


Please inquire about the groups I am currently running! 


Within individual therapy sessions, I am happy to offer many different treatment modalities and symptom specialties. If you have not received any of the following diagnoses or unaware of the treatment modalities, please do not let that discourage you from reaching out! A diagnosis is not required for beginning treatment nor will it be given if not asked. Please reach out if you have questions about whether your symptoms and primary goals of treatment align with my scope of practice.

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